vrijdag 3 augustus 2012


De tekst voor de flessenpost is gereed. De Zwingodin probeerde haar beste (school)engels, maar laat zich graag helpen. Iemand een idee om onderstaande tekst taaltechnisch nog wat te perfectioneren??

Dan print ik hem, en gaat ie in zes flessen, en werp ik de boel in zee...

Komt ie (aanmerkingen graag hieronder, OF per mail aan zwingodin@live.nl. Hou je niet in met kritiek...

This is a message from the ‘Zwingodin’ (Dutch title).
I am a great work of art, on the south coast of Holland in Zeeland, Netherlands, on the beach. My name is Zwin Goddess, Goddess of the Zwin. The Zwin is a Dutch delta.

I am made of fossils, sand, rust and sheet metal. As an artwork / a woman, I have been blogging, posting tweets on Twitter and Facebook.

The Zwin godess is a work of art and a character as well, developing with the help of the internet. The results are amazing. Many people love me and see my presence as a blessing for the country and its people. Some people ask me questions about the area, others are waiting for my observations.

The Zwin Goddess was covered by Dutch media and is precented recently even in literature. I have a cellphone, which makes ne unique. I always communicate by cellphone.

Now I'm investigating my scope.
I would like to create a "communicating sister Goddess" on a coast outside the Netherlands. This sister Goddess would be designed by my creator, and made ​​of local and natural elements (fossils, sand, shells) too. The size of the art work may be large, small, the art work may be temporary or permanent. It is possible to create a statue which is very easy to place and replace. It’s even possible to build the statue on a way that no foundation is needed.

It would be nice if the finder of this letter will try to deliver it to someone who can help. That may be local government, the mayor, an individual or an entrepreneur on the coast.
Idea: you can use your mobile and create a pdf or jpg, and send it to as many decision makers you know. Or send it to people you think they have an idea. You can email me (zwingodin@live.nl), if you need a digital version of this letter.

In any case, I would like to contact the finder! Under what circumstances and how did you find the bottle with this letter? Where? The Zwin Goddess is looking forward to having an interview.
Please email to zwingodin@live.nl

Sincerely, Zwin Goddess

www.zwingodin.nl / http://zwingodin.blogspot.nl   twitter: @zwingodin

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